The production

Since it was established 1946 the Pagliani & Brasseur Srl craft workshop has produced fabric flowers, fruit, animals, and invented objects that over the years have been used in numerous and various ways for fashion and interior decoration. The production of loose petals, minoches, and embroidery for collars, clothes, hats, bags, scarves, and belts rounds off our offers for the decoration of items of clothing and other types of objects. The materials are of all kinds: textiles, leather, straw, lace, plastic, feathers etc. Millinery and such fashion accessories as bags, belts, gloves, shoes, and stoles are yet a further example of the wholly handcrafted products we offer, all made in Italy by our highly skilled workshop personnel. The use of diverse techniques for dyeing and hand-painting the fabrics and the various other materials, guarantees a highly natural effect.

Pagliani & Brasseur Srl has suggestions and models for fashion creations developed from our clientele’s own ideas – from original drawings, photographs, sketches, swatches or even simply written descriptions – and plans personalised collections of samples. Recently it has undertaken the planning and development of interior design objects, even personalised ones.

Finished products

  • Flowers, stoles, shoes, necklaces, belts, hats, bags.


Interior design

  • Floral compositions
  • Table centrepieces
  • Imaginary compositions
  • Exclusive handmade creations: curtains, woven textiles, rugs, bedcovers, table-runners, cushions, tablecloths