Brasseur today

 I began to go to the family workshop as a little girl, my mother Luciana keeping a sharp yet loving eye on me, and since then I have always been fascinated by this amazing art which has allowed me to express my creativity and to channel it into my current work. In fact at 18, as soon as I finished school, I began to help my parents in running the family firm; I decided to give a new direction to it as I was more than ever determined to develop the real handicraft tradition of work made in Italy.

I dusted off the boxes containing old samples of flowers for furnishing and for bridal headdresses; having chosen the most inspiring and studied fashions trends, I began to create new models; then I made up my first suitcase of samples and… went to Rome with a flood of innovations by the new firm: Pagliani & Brasseur Srl di Anna Tosi. A suitcase only in a manner of speaking! The samples were in a series of hatboxes covered in paper with a flower design. My new flowers were divided into types and shared out between the new containers: a hatbox for the small bunches of flowers: violets, primroses, forget-me-nots, and such racemes as lilacs. Another for roses and buds of all sizes: carnations, peonies, lilies, hibiscus; yet another contained petals for minoches made from various textiles in different natural and imaginative forms; another one held only flowers for wedding dresses.

Many of my ideas today were inspired by the history of my family. Besides creating accessories and flowers for the diverse requirements both of haute couture and ready-to-wear, I have also created a line of products under my own name which, besides accessories for fashion and millinery, also includes such furnishings as lamps, lampshades, cushions, draperies etc.

Every object is wholly handmade in the handicraft tradition of the family firm where, by exploiting the secrets inherited from my grandmother Giuditta and my mother Luciana, I continue to use the bronze moulds, steel punches, and all the tools made by my grandfather.

Anna Tosi