The Lamps

The lamps created by Anna Tosi have all been made by hand. The structure of the lampshades is based on iron wire covered in coloured silk georgette; the lining is silk or linen crepe and is either left exposed or covered, according to the finishing of the lampshade.

The upper edge, as in all the models, is finished with pleated silk or woollen velvet embroidered with geometric designs. The base of the lamp varies: in some cases it can be an antique object or an artisanal piece in glass, porcelain or other materials that Anna finds in her trips to various parts of the world.

In other cases the bases can be in handwrought iron or processed wood depending whether they are destined for the table or the floor.

The decoration and the kind of finishing of the lampshades define the typology of the lamp, of which there are four: The Filanti, The Scapigliate, The Modellate and The Lanose.