The lamps
Materials and shapes, light and creativity
“Filanti” (meaning stringy), “Scapigliate” (meaning dishevelled), “Modellate” (meaning modelled) and “Lanose” (meaning woolly).
Bringing light as well as smiles inside the home. They are Anna’s lamps. We admire them in the company showroom where, amidst a fairy-tale undergrowth they spring up like bizarre giant mushrooms.
They appear everywhere, on the ground as well as among the flowers, with their bouffant periwigs, crowns made of velvet or wool or shells made of leather.
“Scapigliate” have lampshades with a bushy and curly mane, obtained with velvet strings sewn onto silk fabric; “Filanti” flaunt a cascade of tubular-shaped pure cotton organza, dyed in various colours and sewn onto a silk georgette base; “Modellate” have semi-spherical petals made in soft coloured leather, sewn onto a linen or silk base in the size of the diffuser; and finally, the “Lanose”, the most elaborate, which are made in felt wool with a hand embroidered hem with wool threads in various shades.
Made with metal wire structures covered in silk georgette, velvet or wool, they always have different supports: in wrought iron, in precious wood that has been lathed and varnished, or even created with antique glass or porcelain handcrafted objects.