A family


It is the early years of the twentieth century in the College for the Daughters of Servicemen, the best in Turin. Giuditta Brasseur is an orphaned girl who was to spend her infancy and youth here until, in 1915, she gained her diploma in commercial bookkeeping. During her school years Giuditta learnt a practical job, as did all the girls: in fact a teacher from the French haute couture world taught them the art of making fabric reproductions of garden flowers, both for interior decoration and for that of clothes and hats. Her diploma allowed her to works as an administrative employee thus giving her financial independence, but the art of creating appliqué flowers, at first only as gifts to friends, was to become her main activity. It was during the difficult post-war years that Giuditta decided to begin a "craft workshop for the production of fabric-made artificial flowers for clothing and furnishing". In this undertaking her husband, Gio.Batta Pagliani, a painter and sculptor, was of fundamental help: in fact he modelled clay for the moulds which, cast in bronze, were to be indispensable for the precise reproduction of the forms of the petals and leaves of each flower to be created in fabric. The two were helped by their very young daughter, Luciana, and in a short time Pagliani & Brasseur flowers could be bought in the best shops in Italy. In 1958 Luciana married; she was to have four children, but she continued the work of her parents, producing beautifully crafted and high-quality flowers for clothing - above all for wedding dresses - and for furnishing, supplying a distinct market need.

A new chapter in the family history began in 1982 when Anna, Luciana’s third daughter, decided to give a new direction to the firm; with her great creativity she invented new and exclusive models while, however, still maintaining the refined craft techniques handed down by her family. This was the start of the "Pagliani & Brasseur Srl di Anna Tosi" firm, the hotbed for the creation of every kind of fabric flower and accessory for haute couture – from clothing to millinery and leatherwear – and for interior design.